Don’t you just hate it when you can’t use everything in your makeup palette?

That’s the reason why Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color Palette is a sure winner to me. You have plenty of shades to choose from, plus you have an option if you want your palette to come with 1, 2 or 3 colors. Each color is priced at $23. The refillable palette costs $2. You receive a discount if you fill a 2- or 3-color palette.

I made sure to put shades for highlight, bronzer and blush in my palette so it’s easy to travel with. The palette on the left has the following shades: H100 (ivory highlight), S116 (medium shadow sculpt), and B308 (coral blush). The one on the right has the following: H104 (eggshell highlight), S118 (dark shadow sculpt), and S214 (rosewood blush). The one on the left is my favorite out of the two, but I find myself interchanging colors depending on my mood.

Have you gotten yours?

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