If you have constant dry lips like I do, I would really recommend you get your hands on Treat Beauty lip balms. I got mine in Cotton Candy flavor.

The Cotton Candy-flavored lip balm has a pretty shimmer and slight hint of color to it. It’s a very subtle sheen, nothing too shiny. I like that it’s very hydrating, but it doesn’t feel heavy on my lips. My lips feel soft for hours. This lip balm also smells SO good! It smells exactly like cotton candy.

I love how Treat Beauty’s line for their lip balm has fun flavors. They’re very unique and uncommon. Confetti Cake, Mint & Matcha Tea, and Soft Candy are just some of their other delectable flavors. They’re also organic and cruelty-free!

Let’s talk about size. This lip balm is massive! No kidding, this is the size of a glue stick! At $13.99 and considering the size of this amazing lippie, I really think Treat Beauty’s lip balms give you a lot of bang for your buck.

I am very satisfied with Treat Beauty Lip Balm in Cotton Candy, and I highly recommend you to try it and their other flavors!

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